Course Textbook

The American Yawp: A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History (Stanford University Press, Last Updated January 2022)

Primary Resources

Ho Chi Minh to Secretary of State Robert Lansing (1919)

The American Yawp Reader: A Documentary Companion to the American Yawp (Stanford University Press, Last Updated January 2022)

Soviet Publication of Secret Treaties (1917)

Voices from the Heart of Gotham: The Undergraduate Oral History Collection at Guttman Community College

Additional Materials

Corbett, P. Scott, Volker Janssen, John M. Lund, Todd Pfannestiel, Sylvie Waskiewicz, Paul Vickery, U.S. History, (OpenStax, Last Updated 2021)

Finesurrey, Samuel Case Studies in the History of U.S. Empire and Society (OER Commons, Last Updated 2022)

_________, “Conducting Interviews,” in Ethnographies of Work, edited by Alia R. Tyler-Mullings, Mary Gotta, Ryan Coughlan, (Manifold, 2019).

Friedman, Max Paul “The Good Neighbor PolicyOxford Research Encyclopedias: Latin American History(2018)

Holloway, Kali “American History Is Getting Whitewashed, AgainThe Nation (October 2, 2020)

Norouzi, Ebrahim, “The Dulles Brothers,” The Mossadegh Project (2010)

Shaffer, Robert “The Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Spanish Civil War in U.S. History Textbooks,” The Volunteer (2021)